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The Digital Advance Fund  

Perspectives USA is an established leader in mobilization through education. 

We are guided by biblically robust values, promoting the highest level of scholarship to best equip God’s people. We embrace present-day Christ-honoring practices to accomplish our vision.

The digital technology of our day is a strategic tool God has granted for advancing His Kingdom. The fabric of our culture now includes “digital threads” that weave us all together. Thriving as a ministry that mobilizes through education requires us to be on the cutting edge of technological change. 

An Unseen Ministry

“Connection” is a word we use daily. We stay connected because the Information Technology behind our education ministry operates unnoticed. Keeping it running smoothly and staying current with the constant technological changes is a continuous challenge.

Most people are stunned when they learn about the vast digital needs for an organization our size. Our IT, Operations, and Communications departments serve not only new website visitors, but also students, volunteers, staff, partner organizations, donors, and instructors. It includes hosting our website with over 1,000 pages, creative software, accounting, an online grading system, an online support desk, and many other essential services. And it fuels our marketing and social media efforts—making connections possible.

Perspectives USA is making significant advances in our digital impact so our mission can thrive. The hardware, software, and expertise needed to maintain and improve our digital needs are a substantial portion of our budget. 

Your donation helps fund the increasing digital needs of Perspectives USA and expands our reach exponentially.


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Perspectives USA

Perspectives USA is the governing organization that oversees and facilitates the Perspectives course in the United States. An essential component of Perspectives USA is mobilizing leaders of the Perspectives movement in the US. We equip, enable, and encourage Instructors, Coordinators, and volunteers to conduct the course locally, lead class sessions, teach lessons, and develop authentic mentoring relationships. A biblically robust set of values guide and empower our staff, leaders, and volunteers in their unique roles to accomplish the vision and mission of Perspectives USA.

We are a ministry of Frontier Ventures.

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    3579 E Foothill Blvd, Suite # 788
    Pasadena, California 91107

  • Phone (626) 398-2110
    (626) 398-2227

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