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Strategic Mobilization Fund Strategic Mobilization Fund General 52% of $80,000 raised

The Strategic Mobilization Fund

Perspectives is uniquely poised for impact.

Perspectives USA has been adapting, pivoting, and adjusting to the ever-changing global climate. Our omniscient God is unhindered in accomplishing His global purpose. We have been privileged to see Him awakening the Body of Christ in new and exciting ways.

There is a sense of anticipation among the Perspectives staff that God is about to “unleash” Perspectives USA. The growing momentum of our movement has Perspectives USA uniquely poised for mobilizing, unlike any other time in our history. 

It is an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing!

Here are a few of the things we’ve been celebrating:

  • Over 150 classes from Fall '22-Spring '23

  • 343 Coordinators were trained during this time

  • Nearly 2,000 volunteers ran our classes 

  • Over 50 agencies are partnered with Perspectives

  • The launch of our new website

We need your help to sustain and accelerate our momentum through your financial support. Your gifts to the Strategic Mobilization Fund provide resources for ongoing mobilization, the start of classes in new areas, new training initiatives, operations costs, and special projects.

Your gifts to the Strategic Mobilization Fund are indeed strategic! 

We thank God you share our passion for reaching the nations! 

And, if you choose to give, we sincerely thank you for your generosity.


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Equipping for Excellence Fund Equipping for Excellence Fund General 31% of $50,000 raised

The Equipping for Excellence Fund 

Perspectives is growing—over 3,000 volunteers co-labor with us each year!

Equipping leaders within the Perspectives movement is a crucial component that enables us to grow and maintain the momentum God has granted.

Providing excellent training is vital for mobilizing people through educating the Body of Christ.

Each year we host dozens of workshops in-person and online to equip these passionate workers on the front lines of the Perspectives movement. We are continually improving our training materials and workshops to provide excellent training so our volunteers can serve effectively. 

Your donation to the Equipping for Excellence Fund helps cover the cost of conducting workshops for training and certifying Coordinators, Instructors, Mentors, and coordinating team members. 

Your donation to the Equipping for Excellence Fund has a multiplying effect.

Each dollar you give impacts people—not only the volunteers being equipped, but the new students being mobilized, and ultimately the people in unreached people groups who embrace Jesus. 

Please join us to provide the best training available for mobilizing people to strategic engagement in God’s global purpose.

Thank you for investing in this strategic work!

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Digital Advance Fund Digital Advance Fund General 16% of $158,400 raised

The Digital Advance Fund  

Perspectives USA is an established leader in mobilization through education. 

We are guided by biblically robust values, promoting the highest level of scholarship to best equip God’s people. We embrace present-day Christ-honoring practices to accomplish our vision.

The digital technology of our day is a strategic tool God has granted for advancing His Kingdom. The fabric of our culture now includes “digital threads” that weave us all together. Thriving as a ministry that mobilizes through education requires us to be on the cutting edge of technological change. 

An Unseen Ministry

“Connection” is a word we use daily. We stay connected because the Information Technology behind our education ministry operates unnoticed. Keeping it running smoothly and staying current with the constant technological changes is a continuous challenge.

Most people are stunned when they learn about the vast digital needs for an organization our size. Our IT, Operations, and Communications departments serve not only new website visitors, but also students, volunteers, staff, partner organizations, donors, and instructors. It includes hosting our website with over 1,000 pages, creative software, accounting, an online grading system, an online support desk, and many other essential services. And it fuels our marketing and social media efforts—making connections possible.

Perspectives USA is making significant advances in our digital impact so our mission can thrive. The hardware, software, and expertise needed to maintain and improve our digital needs are a substantial portion of our budget. 

Your donation helps fund the increasing digital needs of Perspectives USA and expands our reach exponentially.

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Where Needed Most Fund Where Needed Most Fund General $74,448 raised

Not sure how you want to support the Perspectives movement?

The Where Needed Most Fund enables you to give to the critical needs of mobilizing people to engage in God's global purpose.

Each month new challenges arise where funds are needed. Your generosity enables us to meet those challenges so we can maintain our momentum of mobilizing through educating the Body of Christ.

Thank you for thinking of Perspectives and investing in this strategic work!

Your financial gift of blessing to us will be used to bless others.

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Thriving Leaders Fund Thriving Leaders Fund General $2,805 raised

People are the most important resource of any ministry team. 

The Thriving Leaders Fund reflects and resources four of our organizational values: Leadership Development, Continuous Learning, Excellence, and Christ-like Relationships.

The continuous formation of leaders is crucial for accomplishing our mission and vision.

We pursue excellence in ministry through integrity, quality, and appropriate professionalism. Continuous learning provides growth in personal and professional skills. Opportunities for training and professional development empower staff and volunteers to give their very best to the work of the Lord (1 Cor 15:58).

Mobilizers are people in process.

Serving as a mobilizer involves challenges and stresses—unlike any other profession. 

Crises come unannounced. Severe illness and family crises impact our staff and volunteers. The loss of loved ones or ministry colleagues and burnout may require compassionate professional counseling. Because one’s spiritual health includes mental, emotional, and physical health, we are committed to Christ-like member care of our staff. 

Your donation to the Thriving Leaders Fund is an investment in Perspectives’ most valuable asset—our people. 

Donations are for training and member care for staff and volunteers, not for salaries or expenses.

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Perspectives 50th Anniversary Global Conference Perspectives 50th Anniversary Global Conference General 23% of $115,000 raised We're celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Thank you for joining us in this milestone celebration. You've heard from dynamic speakers, participated in equipping breakout sessions, and connected with countless people in the Perspectives family. 

We set out to create a high-quality and high-impact conference. Hosting a global conference of this caliber required incredible time and resources. We anticipated more registrations to cover the costs; though we are at a deficit, we firmly believe this is a worthwhile investment and that the Lord brought everyone He wanted to be there.

If you were blessed by this conference, would you consider supporting our efforts? Giving today will cover the remaining costs of our conference, supporting our speakers, breakout sessions, and fellowship opportunities from the week.

For 50 years, Perspectives programs around the world have been mobilizing the Body of Christ to strategic engagement in God’s global purpose.    Join us in celebrating by giving today!


Thank you to everyone who has supported our conference through donations for global attendees and perspectives volunteers to come, exhibitors and sponsors, personal funds to participate, and general donations to our conference. We are grateful for you!

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