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Strategic Giving Strategic Giving General 12% of $75,000 raised

We are grateful for you and the role of support you play. Your partnership in the Perspectives USA movement means so much to us. We thank God you share our passion to reach the nations. 

There is a general sense of anticipation among the staff that God is about to "unleash" Perspectives USA. The growing momentum of the Perspectives USA movement has us uniquely poised for mobilizing unlike any other time in our history. 

We need your help to sustain and accelerate that momentum through your financial support. Your gifts will help fund ongoing mobilization, IT and other operational tasks, the finance team, and special projects, like building out partnerships with other frontier missions-minded organizations and new training initiatives. Each of these areas would not be possible without the support of all of you! 

Will you give a generous one-time gift? Or, will you consider giving monthly to empower long-term momentum?

Thank you for your love and support throughout the nearly 50 years of Perspectives.  


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Perspectives Next Steps Campaign Perspectives Next Steps Campaign General 70% of $75,000 raised

Perspectives and a network of our partnering organizations are developing a follow-up to the Perspectives course to help our alumni form the relationships that will help them explore taking next steps. Towards the end of class, we plan to send a survey to the students to discern how God might be leading them to join in His purpose. Students will receive recommendations for opportunities with our partnering organizations, and more importantly, be given the option to receive 90 days of coaching from a mission mobilizer. 

Through the coaching, students will be given the space to debrief their learning experience, get connected with their local communities and churches, and receive guidance on how they can take the next steps to join God on his global mission.

In order to facilitate the survey and manage the process that allows for individuals, coaches, organizations, and churches to connect with one another we are developing software that will help facilitate this process. The total cost of development for this software is $150,000. God has already provided through SouthEast Christian Church in Louisville, KY to provide a matching gift of $75,000!

Double your giving efforts and give today!

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Perspectives Incorporation Perspectives Incorporation General 21% of $20,000 raised

Forty-five years ago Perspectives began as a ministry of Frontier Ventures. While the union has been fruitful, changes were necessary to facilitate a more effective and dynamic ministry. Frontier Ventures is now launching Perspectives to become its own non-profit organization. While Perspectives will remain deeply connected to Frontier Ventures through curriculum and staff, being an independent organization will enable Perspectives to pursue explosive growth as we seek to engage the body of Christ. Give toward this fund and help defray the cost of incorporation.

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Give for Training Give for Training General 5% of $50,000 raised

The Perspectives workers with over 2,000 thousand volunteers each year. A significant amount of resources is required to build up, train and develop leaders with in the Perspectives movement. As we look to pursue our vision of awakening the body of Christ in the US through the Perspectives course, we need to continue to improve and train our workers. Each year we host dozens of in person workshops and online trainings to help equip those who are working on the front lines of the Perspectives movement.

Giving to the Training fund helps us cover the costs of running workshops to train coordinators, instructors, graders and team members. Help us to improve our workshops and online trainings as we look to grow the Perspectives ministry across the country. Each dollar you give brings us closer to fulfilling our vision of seeing hundreds of thousands of believers being mobilized into joining with God in fulfulling his purpose within all peoples.

Give today!

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Perspectives Web 2.0 Perspectives Web 2.0 General 106% of $160,000 raised

We are delighted to announce the development of our new website: Perspectives 2.0!

Perspectives USA is taking a significant step forward to facilitate and expand Perspectives Courses. The current Perspectives website has served us well for years but is outdated and often frustrating. The new site’s updated design makes it more accessible, intuitive, and much faster.

 Here are a few of the key improvements:

  • Designed for Mobile (responsive)

  • New Branding to communicate the vision & mission effectively

  • Improved User Experience Design with a modern look and feel

  • Intuitive Navigation for ease of use

  • Resources are easier to find and access

  • New hosting to dramatically improve the speed

We are confident the new site will enhance our ability to fulfill the vision to awaken the body of Christ to pursue God’s global purpose.

Our aim is to triple our rate of growth by 2025, mobilizing 20,000 students annually. We will do our part to assure that everything needed will be in place to allow God to utilize Perspectives for catalytic grown. 

The Perspectives 2.0 Website is a remarkable resource for expanding our impact.

The site is accessed daily by a variety of users: prospective and current students, instructors, coordinators, volunteers, Perspectives staff, course tuition payments, donations, and staff support, to name a few. The website contains thousands of pages of content (Yes, thousands!) that need to be reorganized, edited, and designed with intentionality. It must also be transferred to a new hosting platform. This monumental task requires academics, IT professionals, consultants, writers, designers, web developers, and a host of administrative staff.

To accomplish this ambitious but reachable goal we must raise $160,000 by September 30, 2020.

Although Perspectives classes generate revenue, we are committed to seeing those classes continue to thrive during the development of the website. Our plan is for those funds to support current Perspectives endeavors. Our goal is to independently fund this project. 

Will you pray about giving to this vital expansion of Perspectives? Your donation is an investment in the Kingdom — helping to mobilize a generation of globally-minded believers like you.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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